Gift Guide for Quality Time

If having a great uninterrupted conversation, going on awesome adventures, and cooking together, all sound like activities your recipient will love, you’re in the right place. This is ThankYouJon’s Gift Guide for Quality Time

Quality Time is about giving someone your undivided attention, and being present and engaged. This love language is less about being there physically and more about giving them your undivided attention and being in the moment. Gifts for quality time will give you opportunities to capture the moment and maximize the occasion together. Let’s get started.

The Outdoor and Adventure lover prefers the great outdoors and all that nature has to provide. Combining a fairly large collection of exciting activities, the scratch-off Adventure Challenge book will be a gift that keeps on giving. The book contains fun ideas for food, activities, while surrounding it all with an air of mystery. Read the clues, scratch off your challenge, and be on your way! We think it’s a great gift for couples young and old, and we also plan on buying one ourselves.

The Foodie lives to eat, treats food with respect, and just loves the overall process of which food is prepared. Since they already have an undying passion for good eats, fan the fire by giving them the gift of food and yourself by cooking together. Whether you choose to plan a meal that you will cook together, or going for a cooking class, you will definitely not lack in variety. With so many cultures, desserts, and baked goods at your fingertips, we’re sure that you can find something that will spark your interest.

For a relatively simple experience, try making some pizza together. Buy pizza dough at the store, or cheat a little a lot and use a frozen cheese pizza, then pile on whatever you want! You can choose to bring up the “pineapple on pizza” discussion, or avoid World War 3. Your call.

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