Gift Guide for Acts of Service

For someone big on Acts of Service, an act of giving is an act of doing. How does this translate into a gift? We’re here to help. This is ThankYouJon’s Gift Guide to Acts of Service.

Getting a gift for a person who is big into Acts of Service can be tricky! The most common recommendations are to do house chores, but it’s not the only option!

Prepare dinner
Hosting a party and still haven’t figured out how to feed the guests? If your host is open to the idea, we recommend taking their mind off the food either by cooking for them or getting it catered. From the Gourmet Pork Roast Meal to Salmon Fillets and Seafood Bakes, there are plenty of choices to entertain guests and put a smile on their face

Get their nails done, or more!
Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Give them a trip to the manicurist or the spa for a truly relaxing day! They might want to spend the time with you there, or get some personal time alone. Whatever their choice is, it is something that they can definitely appreciate.

Love Coupons
We haven’t tested them out in the field, but love coupons seem to be a good idea for offering your recipient a collection of services or date ideas that they can claim whenever they want. Love coupons do have a reputation for being a little cheesy, but we think they’ll be great gifts if used correctly. You might be expected to do these things whenever it is presented to you, so think about what you write on the coupons. Making them is quite easy, and we recommend writing on some card stock and decorating it to make them look fancy.

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