Gift Ideas for the Globetrotter

Are you buying a gift for someone with a well decorated passport? This is ThankYouJon’s Gift Guide for the Globetrotter.

Most relevant gift categories: Carry ons, passport holders, scratch off wall maps, and headphones, chargers, packing cubes, camera and accessories

Carry on luggage: A well designed carry on can let you maximize your carry on allocations. Great carry-ons fit within the airline compliant measurements and look good while doing so. However, not all airlines have the same requirements.

A scratch off map can make a great gift and a dynamic creation to a home. Sticking on ticket stubs and photos is also a great way to keep track of the memories made in every trip.

Who doesn’t travel with their phone nowadays, a compact charger with a big charge can save the day when power sockets are not available. Folks at Anker have done a great job with these chargers so do check them out!

Packing Cubes
Trying to stuff a trip’s worth of essentials into a luggage can be a lot of work, and packing cubes are the solution.

If they are avid photographers, then a lens or a camera body can definitely be an impactful gift. The best travel cameras are light, discreet, and have great image quality.


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